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Wendy Sas is the co-founder of Blue Spirit Yoga and Healing Space where she teaches regular classes as well as beginner's courses, workshops and private one to one sessions.

Wendy started practicing yoga 16 years ago in the Middle East during a period in her life when she was seeking more personal space as well as desire to explore her true self. Her love of yoga grew as she learnt and benefitted from its many aspects and the ancient teachings of Yoga triggered in Wendy an understanding and appreciation of its philosophies and relevance in daily life.

Inspired to study yoga more intensely Wendy went on to complete a Yoga Teacher Training at the Sivananda Ashram in India. This experience developed her yoga practice tremendously and enriched her knowledge of yoga philosophy; it also acted as a stepping stone to a more comprehensive three and a half year teacher training that she completed in 2009 with the British Wheel of Yoga in Wales, UK.

Wendy is interested in empowering people of all ages and abilities to extract the maximum benefits from practicing the 8 limbs of yoga. She has been teaching since 2003 and has taught general classes as well as children’s classes and classes for people with learning difficulties, physical disabilities and people with mental health issues.

Wendy brings enthusiasm, commitment and integrity to her classes and workshops, integrating yogic themes.
Her teaching style draws upon several traditions but her key focus is to encourage students to work towards developing a relationship with their yoga practice and to practice in a manner that is respectful of their individual needs. 

"To practice yoga in its true essence is to not only practice asana (posture work) on the mat, but to embrace all the aspects of yoga."

Mirella Gleeson is the Co-Founder of Blue Spirit Yoga and Healing Space. Mirella is a shamanic practitioner and  has studied extensively with The Sacred Trust in the UK learning various shamanic techniques such as journeying, power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, shamanic extraction and the work of the psychopomp. She also undertook 'Darkness visible' - A retreat into the shamanic practice of literally working and being in the dark over a number of days and nights and so altering ones state of consciousness in many profound and exciting ways. Mirella has also been initiated within 'The School of Animal Spirit Medicine', which teaches of healing and communication with animals as well as ways animals may support the healing of their guardians. Mirella also completed a Diploma in 'Mask Work and Traditional healing' in this beautiful country, which she feels holds an untold wealth of wisdom deep in its soil. In 2013 Mirella commenced further intensive study with Rafael Locke, immersed in advanced shamanic practice and under the umbrella of SOTEMS. She has also had the good fortune to have recieved further and on-going training with Sandra Ingerman.

Mirella began to explore yoga 8 years ago when she experienced a combination of lower back problems and stress. Mirella has not looked back ever since and she considers yoga to be one of the greatest things that ever happened to her.

Yoga has been a most important part of Mirella's on-going personal development on many levels. Mirella could not imagine life without yoga so much does she gain from it, not just physically, but also for the well being of her spiritual growth, creativity, confidence and intuitive abilities.

Coming from a diverse background, her roots buried as far back as India and France she believes that its time for the world to embrace diversity and for us all to listen to one another and the stories we have to share without fear of retribution. Instead co-creating a healing story for the world in which we treat one another with compassion, learn from one another and pave the way for a stronger spiritual consciousness for the earth and her children.

Mirella was a manager for many years in the UK for 24 hour supported housing for adults with learning and physical difficulties.
As well as this she has worked and volunteered as a counselor for Childline and Kid's company in London. Mirella also has experience of working for Lifeline as a Telephone Crisis supporter.

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